What’s the Worst T Station in Boston?

A Green Line train accelerates as it leaves the Park Street Station.
A Green Line train accelerates as it leaves the Park Street Station.
David Kamerman/The Boston Globe

It is a Bostonian tradition as time-honored as the Marathon or opening day at Fenway: complaining about the T.

A number of commuters took to Reddit this week to hammer out the worst stations in America’s oldest subway system.

“Wonderland,” user highlander311 wrote. “Thoughts of cheer and joy flooded my head as a child, dreaming of the day when I could take the T to Wonderland and see it in all its majesty. Needless to say my soul was crushed when I found out it was a parking lot.”

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“I recently tried to hop the Orange line at Chinatown going outbound, and for the life of me I couldn’t find the damn outbound platform!” user Johnny_Wiggles wrote. “The entrance is across the street from the inbound side (makes sense) but is nestled on the side of some big department store/building and it seemed very unassuming compared to the entrance to the inbound side. Or maybe I’m just an idiot.”

Redditor and subway adventurer BostonUrbEx’s list was the most thoughtful on the thread, listing a number of superlatives ranging from “worst shelter from the elements” to “worst beggars.”

Not everyone agreed with his selection for “Worst Smell”: North Station.

“Have you ever been at Back Bay during rush hour?” Redditor highlander311 asked. “The smoke is thick and it just smells like lung cancer.”

“Worst ventilation: Back Bay Station. Good call!” BostonUrbEx agreed. “But I wouldn’t say worst smell.”

“North Station smells like a sulfur deposit that just farted,” user drewd33 observed.

You can read the full thread—and submit your own nominations for consideration—here.