Scollay Under sign uncovered at construction site of Government Center MBTA station

Construction crews working deep in the bowels of Government Center Station Monday uncovered a historic tile mosaic on the Blue Line platform from the days of “Scollay Under.”

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority released a photo of the mosaic, which had been installed during the days of Scollay Square Station, the transit hub that was changed to Government Center in 1963.

Government Center was shuttered last month for a two-year renovation that will make the station accessible for people with disabilities, and will also introduce a striking glass headhouse to City Hall Plaza.

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Until it reopens, trains will continue traveling through the station, but commuters are not allowed to board or disembark at the station.

For years, the station’s Blue Line platform displayed a historic tile mosaic that harkened back to Scollay Station. But there was a second mosaic on the platform that resides close to the escalator. Up until now, that second mosaic been covered by a wall of large porcelain tiles, MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said.

“The project team knew that another such sign existed,” Pesaturo said. “It was just a matter of removing the wall coverings that concealed it for so many years.”

On Monday, crews broke apart the enveloping tiles to reveal the mosaic underneath. Pesaturo said project deisgners are planning to preserve the wall with the tiles and incorporate it into the layout of the new station.