Secret Service investigates agent impersonation on MBTA

A screenshot from the YouTube video.
A screenshot from the YouTube video.

The US Secret Service confirmed today that it is investigating a man who allegedly impersonated a Secret Service agent on an MBTA commuter rail in an attempt to avoid a fare.

“We’re aware of the incident and we are investigating it,” Special Agent in Charge Stephen Marks told “Impersonating a federal agent or officer is a crime... we’re taking the report seriously [and] looking to get to the bottom of it.”

Richard Sullivan, lieutenant detective with the MBTA Transit police’s special crimes unit, confirmed that the transit police are also investigating the incident. Sullivan said that the investigation is ongoing.

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“We have had communication with the US Secret Service—Boston office relative to the video,” Sullivan told “I’m confident that the gentleman alleging to be a federal agent does not possess such status.”

The bizarre encounter was recorded and uploaded to YouTube by Reddit user icu_. The video appears to start in the middle of the confrontation, with the passenger in question demanding the conductor “run [his] license.” The train line and time where the incident took place remain unknown.

The man is heard saying:

"You don't mess with Secret Service, I'll tell you that right now. I don't care who you are. You're just a conductor on a train, alright? Don't interrupt my investigation, alright, tough guy? What do you work for, Al-Qaeda?"

“[The] guy went on and on the whole ride in the back of the car,” icu_ wrote on Reddit. “I wonder if this usually works for him.”

Impersonating a federal officer is a felony with a maximum punishment of up to three years in prison and a $1,000 fine.

We’ll update the story with more information when it becomes available.