Weymouth girl, 3, honored for making life-saving cellphone call after pregnant mom fell unconscious to the floor

WEYMOUTH — Three-year-old Aryanna Lynch happily switched on the siren in a Weymouth police cruiser this afternoon, her joy a dramatic contrast to how she felt Feb. 10 when her pregnant mother fell, unconscious, to the floor of the family’s home.

“Scared,’’ is how the future pre-schooler described her emotions.

Lynch was honored today by this South Shore community’s police and mayor for managing to alert a relative – who then notified authorities – that her mother was ill and needed help. At the time, Aryanna’s mother, Tiffany, was eight months pregnant and wracked by an illness that had swept through the house, sending her husband, Kevin, to a nearby emergency room for treatment.

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Tiffany Lynch said she recalled feeding Aryanna and her 1-year-old sibling, Camryn. Her next memory was of a paramedic giving her emergency first aid.

Tiffany Lynch, who was due to give birth to her third child two days ago, said she still becomes overwhelmed with emotion when she recalls what happened to her, and how her daughter acted that day.

“I still cry every time someone asks me about it,’’ she said at the Weymouth police station this afternoon.

She also said she had no idea how her 3-year-old managed to get her phone to work since her daughter did not know the password needed to unlock the device. Not only did the child defeat the security system, she also managed to call a relative by touching the photo in the mother’s electronic phone book.

The first time Aryanna called, she left a message on her relative’s voicemail, who called back moment’s later after hearing the child’s voice. Aryanna Lynch, who was crying, told the relative that her mother had fallen to the floor and wasn’t talking.

The cousin quickly called first responders.

Officer Tim Jenkins was among those who arrived and saw Tiffany Lynch still on the floor. He said he was relieved the child made the call, and that he and other first responders reached the Lynch home quickly.

“I hate to think what would have happened’’ if Aryanna had not made the call, Jenkins said.

Aryanna Lynch was given citations for bravery, gifts from a local department store and a scholarship — to a Weymouth preschool. The little girl is eager to make new friends, her family said.