2013 Head of the Charles Regatta event information and schedule

The 49th Head of the Charles Regatta is expected to bring more than 300,000 spectators to the banks of the Charles River to cheer on thousands of rowers. The 3-mile stretch begins at Boston University’s DeWolfe Boathouse in Cambridge and ends at Artesani Park in Boston. The regatta will host 55 competitive races over two days with 9,000 athletes ranging from 14 to85. It is the world’s largest rowing competition.

Here is a look at the event details and schedule.

What: 49the Head of the Charles Regatta

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When: Saturday, Oct. 19, 8 a.m. — 5 p.m.; Sunday, Oct. 20, 8 a.m.—5 p.m.

Where: Charles River, Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts

Start: Boston University’s DeWolfe Boathouse (619 Memorial Drive, Cambridge)

Finish: Artesani Park (1255 Soldiers Field Road, Boston)

Who’s involved: 9,000 rowers, ages 14 to 85, from 19 different countries; 300,000 spectators estimated


(Parking on-site over Regatta weekend is extremely limited. Use of public transportation is urged.)

Birmingham Parkway: Free on-street parking. Parkways runs next to I-90 and is accessible from market Street off of Soldiers Field Road or from Soldiers Field Road and Route 20 intersection near Community Rowing. A shuttle runs from Birmingham parkway to the FALS/Rowing and Fitness Expo area.

Alewife T Station: Accessible from Route 2 off of I-95. Garage with parking for 2,733 cars and Red Line T service to Harvard Square, a short walk to the river and the Weld Exhibition/Reunion Village area. Available 24 hours ($7/day. $8 overnight).

Arsenal Mall (617 Arsenal Street, Watertown): Located behind Miller’s Boston Ale House, the garage allows free parking for 400 cars. It is located about a mile walk from the FALS-Rowing and Fitness Expo area.

Race schedule

(Times subject to change)

Saturday, Oct. 19

8:00 am Men’s Senior Veteran Singles I and II (70+)

8:21 am Women’s Veteran I/II and Senior Veteran I/II (60-69, 70+)

8:47 am Men’s Veteran Singles I and II (60+)

9:17 am Men’s Grand Master Singles (50+)

9:47 am Women’s Grand Master Singles (50+)

10:14 am Men’s Senior Master Eights (50+)

10:31 am Women’s Senior Master Eights (50+)

10:47 am Men’s Senior Master Fours (50+)

10:59 am Women’s Senior Master Fours (50+)

11:25 am Men’s Senior Master Doubles (50+)

11:44 am Women’s Senior Master Doubles (50+)

12:03 pm Men’s Senior Master Singles (40+)

12:16 pm Women’s Senior Masters Singles (40+)

12:33 pm Men’s Alumni Eights

12:51 pm Women’s Alumnae Eights

1:07 pm Men’s Club Fours

1:32 pm Women’s Club Fours

1:57 pm Men’s Club Eights

2:12 pm Women’s Club Eights

2:30 pm Men’s Master Fours (40+)

2:42 pm Women’s Master Fours (40+)

3:00 pm Men’s Master Eights (40+)

3:13 pm Women’s Master Eights (40+)

3:26 pm Men’s Championship Doubles

3:37 pm Women’s Championship Doubles

3:51 pm Men’s Collegiate Fours

4:06 pm Women’s Collegiate Fours

4:25 pm Men’s Championship Singles

4:34 pm Women’s Championship Singles

4:44 pm Directors’ Challenge Parent/Child Doubles

5:02 pm Directors’ Challenge Mixed Doubles

Sunday, Oct. 20

8:00 am Mixed Legs/Trunk/Arms Fours

8:16 am Mixed/Same Gender Trunk/Arms Doubles

8:37 am Men’s Club Singles

8:37 am Men’s Youth Singles

9:01 am Women’s Club Singles

9:01 am Women’s Youth Singles

9:23 am Men’s Youth Fours

10:01 am Directors’ Challenge Women’s Quads

10:24 am Men’s Youth Eights

10:54 Men’s Master Singles

11:06 am Women’s Master Singles

11:26 am Men’s Youth Doubles

11:43 am Women’s Youth Doubles

12:04 pm Men’s Lightweight Singles

12:15 pm Women’s Lightweight Singles

12:32 pm Women’s Youth Fours

1:13 pm Directors’ Challenge Men’s Quads

1:31 Women’s Youth Eights

2:11 pm Men’s Master Doubles (40+)

2:23 pm Women’s Master Doubles (40+)

2:41 pm Men’s Championship Fours

2:49 pm Women’s Championship Fours

3:04 pm Men’s Championship Eights

3:16 pm Women’s Championship Eights

3:34 pm Directors’ Challenge Mixed Quads

3:51 pm Men’s Collegiate Eights

4:08 pm Women’s Collegiate Eights

4:23 pm Men’s Lightweight Fours

4:31 pm Women’s Lightweight Fours

4:47 pm Men’s Lightweight Eights

4:55 pm Women’s Lightweight Eights

Other activities

Eilot Bridge Enclosure:For the fifth year, the Head of the Charles Regattta will host the Eliot Bridge Enclosure, a come-and-go-access hospitality tent with fine dining, coffee and tea and a selection of beers, wine and sodas. Tickets are $90 for one day or $150 for a two-day pass. Only credit cards are accepted and you must be 21 years of age or older to purchase tickets. There is no charge for children under 10, but they must be with an adult at all times. Tickets can be purchased by calling 617-868-6200 or by emailing ebe@hocr.org. Pending availability, extra tickets can be purchased on-site. The Enclosure will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19 and Saturday, Oct. 20.

Weld Exhibition: Located near Harvard’s Weld Boathouse, the Weld Exhibition hosts food vendors with free samples. It is also a place to watch the races, set up in the middle of the course.

Rowing & Fitness Expo: The Expo will be located in the Finish Area Launch Site (FALS). It will host top rowing and boating manufacturers as well as companies like Brooks Brothers, Sperry Top-Sider and Clif Bar. The Expo will open on Friday, Oct. 19 at noon.