Transit Police grill three suspects in assault on Blue Line last month

MBTA Transit Police say three men of four men wanted in connection with an an assault on a father and his 18-year-old daughter on a Blue Line train last month have surrendered.

The father was punched multiple times in the head by all four suspects, and his daughter, who was 18 years old, was punched in the thigh by one of them while traveling on the train at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 18, Transit Police said.

The four suspects, who got on the train at State Street Station, fled the train at Airport Station, said Transit Police Superintendent-in-Chief Joseph O’Connor.

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O’Connor said three of the four men showed up at Transit Police headquarters this morning and are being questioned by investigators. A fourth man has been identified. No charges have been filed in the case yet, he said.

O’Connor said one of the suspects had spilled beer on the father and an argument ensued. The father, daughter, another daughter and his wife were returning from a sporting event.

O’Connor said Transit Police were seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspects so police could “hopefully get them into the court system.”

“We try to make the MBTA as safe as possible,” he said.

Police asked anyone with information to call them at 617-222-1050. People wishing to remain anonymous can text a tip to 873873 or use the anonymous tip feature on the T’s SeeSay app.