State Police criticize car-surfing stunt on Expressway

State Police are asking people to be sure to report unsafe actions on the highway after a pair of truck-surfing boys were spotted on the Southeast Expressway on Tuesday.

The State Police today released a picture of the boys hanging onto the back of a truck, or surfing, on Interstate 93 in Dorchester.

“We discourage that kind of behavior,” said Lieutenant Dan Richard, a State Police spokesman.

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“We would like to remind the public to report unsafe actions like this that occurred yesterday,” State Police said in a tweet.

The stunt occurred around 3:30 p.m. When the truck stopped sometime later, the boys jumped off and ran away, Richard said. He was unsure if the truck’s operator was aware that the boys were on his vehicle at all.

It is not clear how fast the truck was traveling, but it appears that the truck operator was applying the brakes when the photo was taken. State Police said they obtained the photo from WHDH-TV. The station said it had gotten the photo from someone in the public.

State Police said they did not receive any calls about the incident.

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