Hanover firefighters rescue worker who fell 24 feet inside wind turbine

HANOVER—Town firefighters today rescued a worker who fell some 24 feet while inside the tower of the Pond Street wind turbine, officials said.

The man, who is not a town employee, was working inside when he fell, injuring the lower parts of his body, said Fire Chief Jeffrey Blanchard at the scene.

The department, which had previously familiarized itself with the interior of the tower, deployed its technical rescue team into the building.

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Blanchard said the worker could not move on his own so he was placed into a Stokes basket, lowered to the floor and taken to South Shore Medical Center in Weymouth for treatment of injuries.

At the scene, Duxbury Fire Chief Kevin Nord directed the rescue effort by the Plymouth County Regional County Technical Rescue Team, a group of specially trained firefighters. He said the worker was on a platform preparing to step onto a ladder when he fell 24 feet down to the next platform below.

Nord said the man was then 40 feet from the floor of the turbine and that rescuers used rope climbing apparatus to reach the man and help provide emergency medical care.

“He was placed into a basket … lines were attached and he was lowered down from that level,” Nord said.

The tower’s small size and difficult dimensions presented rescuers with “a lot of difficulty,” Nord said.

“The space itself is cramped, confined,” he said. “Radios don’t often work too well, communication is tough, gear has to be logistically carried to the location.”

The cause of the accident is under investigation. The man, whose name was not released, did not suffer life-threatening injuries, officials said.