Frontline documentary, ‘The Choice’, airs tonight, exploring lives of Romney, Obama

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Just in case you don’t feel like you’ve read, heard, watched, or clicked on enough information about Mitt Romney and President Obama leading up to Election Day, here comes Frontline with The Choice. (Find your local listing by clicking here)

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The two-hour documentary, which airs tonight on PBS, explores the moments that shaped the two candidates’ lives, from Romney’s Senate-run defeat by Ted Kennedy to Obama’s Harvard Law School years. The opening scene is riveting, as it describes Romney taking on Kennedy and the run-up to their first debate, with soundbites from Romney’s then-advisor, Charlie Manning.

Globe reporters Scott Helman and Michael Kranish, authors of The Real Romney, are also interviewed prominently, as is local Channel 7 TV reporter Andy Hiller. Other biographers of the candidates who are featured include Jodi Kantor of the New York Times and David Maraniss and Jason Horowitz of the Washington Post.