Midway Studios controversy may be resolved tomorrow

Helmet shells meant to be worked on by Ops-Core were packed in a truck earlier today.
Juan Jimenez

No resolution as of Tuesday early afternoon on the controversy at Midway Studios involving helmet-maker Ops-Core and the artists, but Juan Jimenez, a resident of the Fort Point building did snap a photo of helmets sitting in a truck outside 15 Channel Center just before noon. (The truck was gone by time our photographer arrived around 1:45 p.m.)

As detailed in Sunday’s Globe, residents of Midway, a building meant to house artists, have protested an attempt by building owner Keen Development to rent out the building’s theater to Ops-Score, which wanted to assemble military helmets there. The Boston Redevelopment Authority appeared poised to approve the arrangement until last week’s community forum, during which dozens of residents spoke up against the plan.

The BRA will return to the Fort Point neighborhood tomorrow for a 6 p.m. meeting at neighboring 10 Channel Center. But nobody involved—Keen Development, Ops-Core, the BRA—will say what exactly will be announced at that meeting.

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“We are discussing solutions with the owner and the tenant,” according to a statement from the BRA. “We hope to have a resolution by tomorrow night, but even if we don’t, we want to keep up communication with residents.”

For now, the question: Are the helmets in the truck a sign that Ops-Core is moving or are they merely being taken off site until the company receives permission to start working at Midway?