Boston’s Blue Ivy gets attention because of Beyonce’s Blue Ivy

Just before Veronica Alexandra fell asleep on Saturday night, she saw on TV that pop superstar Beyonce had given birth to a baby girl. “I was like, I wonder what the name is,” she told us. When Alexandra woke up on Sunday, she found out that Beyonce and Jay-Z had named their daughter Blue Ivy, which also happens to be the name of Alexandra's Boston events-planning company. Alexandra’s first thought? “When I woke up, I was like, you know what? I’m doing Beyonce’s [daughter’s] first birthday party. That’s it.” Blue Ivy—the one in Boston—has been bombarded with phone calls ever since Beyonce’s baby name was released over the weekend. Alexandra admits to starting some of the buzz by reaching out to Since then, there’s been national interest in her company. “It’s so crazy,” she said. Alexandra explained that she named her company Blue Ivy three years ago. “Blue” represents “something borrowed, something blue,” and ivy has always been one of her favorite things. “It really is a good metaphor for relationships,” Alexandra said yesterday. “It constantly grows forward and forward and forward.” Alexandra said she kept the name of the business simple—just Blue Ivy instead of Blue Ivy Weddings—because she knew she’d be planning a range of special events. Alexandra now has staff in Boston, Florida, and California. She told us that she has reached out to Beyonce’s agent, but they haven’t connected yet. She’s not worried, though. “I have a whole lifetime to get in touch with her.” ... In other Blue Ivy news, new dad Jay-Z released a song today called “Glory,” in which he refers to an earlier miscarriage suffered by Beyonce. He raps: “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/We was afraid you’d disappear/But nah baby you magic” Jay also lets Blue do some crying on the track.

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